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If you haven't noticed already, this isn't your run-of-the-mill news site, everything here is fake! Well, most everything, the thing about Channel6 News is that people can post whatever they want. We're a prank site, and we let you make your own pranks. We only ask that you keep things respectful, but past that, you can post whatever you want!

Please read before submitting a prank!

This section isn't fake.

Please note that while we are strong 1st Amendment supporters, we do not want pranks that elicit strong emotion on our platform. The only rule we have is that you keep hate speech, negativity, and violence off of here. If it can offend or anger someone beyond a knee-jerk reaction (politics are okay), please don't post it. We're a struggling company that created this to make a little bit of ad revenue to stay afloat during the pandemic so we can focus on recovering from a massive blow to our unrelated main product, please don't get us kicked off of our host or registrar. We don't agree with that kind of speech anyway (we don't agree with laws being enacted against it given that's a very slippery slope to go down, but we're a private company). While we watch for these types of things, we may not be able to catch everything. To report a prank or offensive material, please send an email to channel6newscom@gmail.com with a link to the content and we will review the content in question.

Fun Fact: Despite current events, most people are more agreeable than you may believe. Stop the division, hostility, and hate coming from every side.

We also have funny pictures and gifs too!

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